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Connect to your core

Core Connection is a life coaching service dedicated to making a difference to the lives of people to help them progress at a personal and professional level.


Eimear Larkin

Eimear Larkin is the Founder, Managing Director and Personal & Executive Life Coach at Core Connection.

Areas of expertise:

  • Clearing Limiting Beliefs
  • Being in the Present
  • NLP
  • Resilience
  • Visualisation
  • Spirituality

Eimear specializes in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Mindfulness based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and is a Licensed Business Practitioner of NLP. Eimear is passionate in the work she does as she wants the best for her clients.


  • Life Coaching Sessions
  • Personal Development Programme
  • Career Coaching Sessions
  • BIAC Professional Development Programme

Wellness Workshops / Webinars

  • Reintegration (Covid-19)
  • Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Belief System
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Resilience and Adaptability
  • Tolerations
  • Focus and Performance
  • Presence
  • Flow

Mindfulness & Transformational Coaching

Eimear is here to empower people at strengthening commitments to their vision. From these commitments come actions that produce powerful results.

At Core Connection, Eimear adds a unique dimension to coaching in assisting you in revealing the very core interpretations and beliefs that support all aspects of your life remaining unfulfilled. Through Mindfulness and Spirituality, it is to cultivate awareness and choosing to choose through emotional intelligence.

  • It is stepping into vulnerability and openness to expand your capacity to be the fullest expression of your essential self.
  • It is choosing to live in faith and trust. The unknown fuels the leap of faith required to achieve one’s desired outcome.
  • It is realisation that fear is always present and available to inform us of all our perceived limitations.
  • It is experiencing and embracing the magnificence of Being that we already are.
  • It is realising the priority of our commitments and how they inform us of the values we have in place and the way we make meaning.

Benefits and Transformation

  • Strengthened mindset
  • Adapt to change and maintaining change
  • Coping mechanisms for stress and anxiety
  • Discipline, Commitment and Attitude
  • Confidence building
  • Achieve realistic goals
  • Build a strong foundation of resilience
  • Systematic approach to increase revenue
  • Vision for the future


  • Mary
    I would like to thank Eimear Larkin. Eimear has certainly helped me focus greatly and have a definitive plan in place for myself over the coming months.
  • CCT College
    Thanks to Eimear Larkin of Core Connection for a really insightful and empowering webinar session on positive thinking. So many takeaways not least an exploration of the stages of isolation during the pandemic; the importance of avoiding self-limiting beliefs, the power of creativity, of meditation and more.
    CCT College
  • Ms. Joanie Whyte
    My life coaching sessions with Eimear were amazing. She helped me gain the confidence I thought I didn’t have. I have higher self-esteem and now I don’t let fear get in my way. I thank Eimear so much for helping me step on to my path. It’s a new start and a new beginning. I believed her and look at what happened. I highly recommend Eimear at Core Connection. My life has changed.
    Ms. Joanie Whyte
  • Ms. Catriona Murphy

    ”I found the BIAC process very insightful for improving myself within my role, where my natural strengths were and how I can improve on my low scores. It felt empowering to have finally taken the initiative to gain insights that could positively and quickly impact how I operate as Project Manager, and Eimear was really good at talking me through and clarifying recurrent issues I had been having to deal with for some time within my job. I found her very professional, with a plethora of experience that really came through during my sessions with her. I felt equipped with new tactics to try at work and we had a check-in a few weeks after my sessions were over to talk through any work incidents that happened and how I managed them which was particularly useful. I would highly recommend Eimear for anyone looking to improve themselves professionally as I found her reliable and succinct.”

    Ms. Catriona Murphy
  • Mr. Stephen Carey

    ”I could not recommend Eimear enough. Considering the fact that I only got to spend a short time being mentored by Eimear, the amount of confidence and extremely productive guidance which I received from her was not only invaluable, but a testament to her skill level. I would definitely recommend her as both a confidence-boosting mentor and a career guidance coach. Also there is undoubtedly a caring and natural kindhearted personality that shines through, which is most likely one of the many the secrets behind her effectiveness.”

    Mr. Stephen Carey
  • Mr. Ken Curran

    ”Eimear is an experienced, empathetic, and incisive mentor who is adept at helping clients achieve their personal and professional goals. She works with professionals, retired, unemployed and students assisting them in making the necessary changes for a better work/life balance. She has the innate ability to identify and communicate their qualities and potential and instills a positive ‘can-do’ philosophy to assist them to achieve their business and personal targets. Eimear has a wealth of business coaching experience and is the ideal mentor to advise people on taking the next step in their corporate and personal lives.”

    Mr. Ken Curran
  • Mr. Mark Manning

    “My meetings with Eimear helped me regain perspective of my heretofore life experience. More important, our sessions and note – talking helped me move forward. I learnt that I could relax within a loose structure and live for the day. This model worked for me as it was the polar opposite of the rigid mindset of expectations I’d set myself for years. In short I found Eimear’s Coaching Sessions – therapeutic-revelatory-reassuring. Eimear has a great understanding of the coaching and healing process. I would highly recommend Eimear Larkin particularly to anyone in a rut or at a crossroads in Life.”

    Mr. Mark Manning
  • Ms. Sophie Paz Berrios

    “Eimear is a lovely person. You immediately feel she is trustworthy and happy to listen and guide you sincerely with your best interests at heart. She had great empathy and has natural intuition. She helped me discover what I was looking for in my relationships and career. Eimear gave me the tools to unleash my confidence, shed my inhibitions and excel in all areas of my life. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you Eimear.”

    Ms. Sophie Paz Berrios
  • Ms. D. Maguire

    “I didn’t really know what to expect from a Life Coaching session and was a bit anxious about it, but within a few moments of meeting Eimear, I was completely at ease. I found her to be very professional and an expert at getting me to bring forward my own ideas on any improvements to my lifestyle, rather than her suggestions. I was really motivated by Eimear’s feed-back, very enthusiastic about carrying out the recommendations and looked forward to our follow-up sessions.I learned so much about myself and feel that I gained many life-skills to help me improve my daily living and approach to life. I’ve even passed on a few of Eimear’s simple tips to some very appreciative friends. I would highly recommend Eimear to anybody interested in improving their lifestyle.”

    Ms. D. Maguire
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